take them a meal


About Us

What is "Take Them A Meal" all about?

As we learn of a need in our fellowship, (e.g. an extended sickness, birth of a baby, loss of a close family member, hospitalization, etc.) we come alongside our people and provide meals to help lighten the load and show them that we really do care.

We ask you to pray about this ministry and ask the Lord if this is a way you can minister. Then in return, receive a blessing by preparing and delivering a meal when a need arises!

If you discover someone that has a meal need, as listed above, please contact "Take Them a Meal" Coordinator (Nancy Harmon) [email protected], 772.418.1441 or call the Church Office at 772.283.8343; we will make sure meals are provided for them.

Ready To Serve?

If you would like to be involved in this ministry, please click the CONTACT US button below. Please make sure to provide all your contact info and you will be added to our Ministry Team List. You will then be contacted when a need arises.

As needs arise, you will receive all the details pertaining to a specific family or person (e.g. how many are in the family, allergies, dietary needs, food restrictions, when and where to deliver food, etc.). If you are busy at any time, just pass and you can help the next time. There is NEVER any pressure to help EVERY time; we appreciate your help!